Summer Camp: Finding the Right One for Your Kids

Looking for a summer camp program can be a boon or bane, especially if you’re a parent. It’s good because you want your child to have fun, make friends and develop new skills in a safe environment.
The downside would be choosing one can make you apprehensive. You don’t want to send your child to a place where they won’t enjoy, right? Some kids aren’t as expressive and sociable as others.

To make sure that your child will have a blast, here’s what we suggest:

Do Extensive Research

Word of mouth is great, but it’s important that before visiting the campsite, you do your research online. View their website, first. Check on their “history” and “about page.” Furthermore, it’s helpful to check on the camp’s rating and past customer reviews. You should also see if your prospective camp is certified by the American Camp Association. If the summer camp is not accredited, ask them on your ocular visit why they chose not to be.

Have an Ocular Inspection of the Site

A summer camp is an enriching and educational experience for children. It provides them with fond memories of summers spent learning new skills and making new friends. However, with so many campers and so many activities to participate in, the likelihood of accidents and injuries can be worrisome for any parent. How does one prevent this? Have a physical visit. Then, take note of any dangerous areas nearby. You don’t want to send your child to a summer camp that doesn’t guarantee their safety while you’re gone, right?

Interview the Staff

Have a comprehensive background check on the staff. Have a sit-down with the director, and ask him/her about their hiring policy. Inquire about their staff-to-camper ratio. By the way, check the internet for any bad reviews from a past employer. You can easily find that via Indeed. Who doesn’t want to send their kids to a camp that’s stacked with raving reviews, right? From “There’s no other job like this one and no better place…” to “I made lifelong memories here…” stay clear from a camp that has a bad company retention ratio. If the camp has one, try asking why.

Understand the Summer Camp’s Safety Rule

Find out what the rules are and how they summer camp are enforced. Ask about the camp’s insurance coverage. Check the condition and safety of the facilities and equipment. Note that any dangerous areas, like cliffs, swamps, or water zones. Don’t forget to ask about the camp’s health and medical protocol.

Before finalizing for the total cost of the payment ask these follow-up questions:

*Is your deposit refundable?
*Will there be extra charges for other activities?
*Does my payment include transportation?

We hope you’ve understood well your options after reading this thoroughly. Most camps today will meet your child’s interests and needs. It’s best to know deeply his/her personality, so you can easily identify the programs that will benefit him/her.

At Camp Crusader, we can help you find what you’re looking for in a summer camp. Regardless of your finances or the number of days you want summer camp your child to spend with us, we will make his/her summer camp experience safe and memorable.


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